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Of a typical morning


Of a typical morning

It's interesting. Over the past year Clyde has taught MauMau that kitty interaction needn't be dire defensive/offensive hostility, the way it was with Mu Ch'i for all those years. In the above pics, they are maybe 18 inches apart; something that would absolutely never happen with Mau and Mooch. And, Clyde can romp about and lunge and retreat playfully for a little while before Mau screams and runs to her safe spot. They eat inches apart. She's now, for the first time ever, head butting against me. I never saw that this transformation was possible. It makes life much more pleasant for all of us.

I was eating wings yesterday afternoon while watching a Mariners game at home and bit down wrong and cracked off part of my front tooth. Good god. My smile will now be closed until something can be done about it.

I spoke to Larry on the phone last night. He has a friend with a medical card, and Thursday will be getting something to help with discomfort and appetite. He knows things are winding down. No illusions about it. Me? I keep thinking that things will improve with treatment and allow him several more years. This is not going to happen, as I realized last night with our parting words. We always say, talk to you soon, love you, bye. Last night he paused and said, I love you very much. I hung up the phone and sobbed. My sis called shortly after and we had a comforting conversation. She is well versed with impending loss and coming to terms with it, and the aftermath.

I picked up the guitar yesterday afternoon for the first time in over four months. I've got the bug to learn the Go Go's song, Our Lips Are Sealed. Learn it good and smooth and sweet, and play it for the boys and have them join in if we ever play music together again. It's been that four months long.

I keep thinking I am going to get better at life, but I never do.

I guess that's alright, in the end.
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